Love is..

Love is.. a feeling or a practicality?

Bollywood movies are sprinkled with lashings of love. We’ve grown up with plots where the misunderstood hero finally wins over various trials; sometimes with the odd loss or casualty along the way. The bigger the hurdles, the greater the prize, the ultimate being the blessings of a prospective father in law, with bride in tow of course.

What of the heroine? She dreams of her knight in shining armour, sometimes obvious as its love at first sight. Or, he grows on her, following an immediate rejection, potentially stalky appearances and finally persistence prevails, and wins.

Research repeatedly confirms that males are happier, and healthier, even reduce their alcohol intake after settling down into a marriage, one assumes with someone they love. Women on the other hand, are more miserable, and are driven to drink; a fair comparison would be to say they are less happy in a marriage when compared with being single.

So, what do you think, is real love about feelings, or is it down to making a practical situation work so the knight can go off and earn a wage? Are we still reliant on a male breadwinner or are the tables turning slowly?