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Come fall in love..

Kuch Kuch.. the Leading Bollywood Club Night

brings you that special something, to fill your heart with laughter, love and dance! Kuch Kuch.. the original Bollywood club night has paved the way for Bollywood in London. Kuch Kuch.. has captivated the heart of dancers, film lovers, the stage, drama, and of course our own Bollywood heroes & heroines who just turn up!

Kuch Kuch isn’t for everyone, it’s the hidden bollywood gem!

Kuch Kuch.. is for true Bollywood Party Lovers. Not just a club night, Kuch Kuch.. is an experience. A place where hearts and minds meet, mingle, and dance! Kuch Kuch..is about love, glamour, escapism, and having a true cinematic love affair!

Kuch Kuch.. Bollywood club nights are set to the pulsating sounds of current & classic Bollywood beats with a touch of soul, world & memorable pop expertly mixed by Kuch Kuch.. resident DJ’s Ritu, San-j Sanj, and Guest DJ’s!
Kuch Kuch.. club nights are exclusive, and welcomes attitude free bollywood lovers from across the globe!

DRESS CODE: Smart, Sparkling, with a 🙂

Kuch Kuch can happen to you.. we’ve taught Kuch fun dance classes, witnessed Kuch shadi’s and kuch magic! At Kuch there’s love around, so come along and fall in love!

Want your very own private Kuch Kuch collection? Get the “Rough Guide to Bollywood” CD put together by DJ Ritu available at HMV & all good music stores.

The truth IS out there!?! Here’s what the critics have to say about Kuch Kuch..

Eastern Eye newspaper

“The GREATEST Bollywood club, ever!!”  and “Kuch Kuch.. is now the official hangout for the upwardly mobile.”

Time Out magazine – London

“The BEST night, Kuch Kuch.., is ten.. It has just the right dose of cheeky glitz.. turbo-charged soundtrack to delight all tribes of after-dark adventurers, be you a Kensington prince, dazzling desi girl, or intrepid Bolly-phile!”

Evening Standard – Going Out

“ If you’re an Asian glamour junkie and like to shake your chuddies to the sounds of Bollywood, then club night Kuch Kuch.. is tailor made for you. With special screenings, a belly dancer and guest celebs, it promises a real taste of masala magic in the West End.”

“Kuch Kuch.. where Bollywood aspirants can meet like minds and dance to cinematic hits.” (Hot Tickets Magazine / Evening Standard)

Metro Life

“ Everything changes. That’s part of the appeal of London.. Kuch Kuch.. A funky array of Bollywood cinema themes current and classic, Asian, Arabic, and Western pop, throughout an enticingly laid back atmosphere. Its like being at your best friend’s party! That’d be a best friend with a highly covetable record collection then! Definitely worth checking out.

Snoop Magazine

“Dancing in public to Bollywood Music may be something you usually do at a) weddings (because everybody else is doing it) and nobody can take the chronic mick or b) in the privacy of your bedroom.
But closet Bollywood fans need not hide in shame anymore, because of Kuch Kuch..  Normally we would never rant about a gig but seeing that the night is hippier than a pair of Mithun’s tight white flares, supplying a funky reprise of current and golden Bollywood, we had to give it a shout.”

Asian Express

“..a Kuch Kuch.. party!! Can’t be described.. only experienced!!”

India Weekly

“Kuch Kuch.. host to media luvvies and city types who gathered to dance the night away to the sounds of master spinners DJ Ritu.. proves to be a great success.. one of the best club nights in the capital!”

“Amongst those making appearances at Kuch Kuch.. were Apache Indian, actor Sanjeev Bhasker, controversial rapper Mush Khan and Zee TV’s Up-Beat team. Kuch Kuch.. definitely an experience to be had.”