Standard Entry £15

On Arrival on Door ONLY.

VIP Entry £20*

Includes Q-Jump, VIP table, bottles table service +Minimum Bar Spend. £40 non-refundable deposit required. VIP Booking by email only.

VIP / Priority Entry.
Photo ID Required for Entry. No ID, No Entry.
Dress Code: Smart, Sparkling! Collars & Shoes.
Members/Mixed gender groups entry.

Management Reserve Right to Refuse Admission at ALL times. MRRA.

Entry Conditions

  • Valid Photo ID required for EVERYONE (Passport / Driving Licence).
    Photocopies / Scans NOT Accepted
  • Dress Code: Smart, Sparkling & 🙂 Collars & Formal Shoes.
  • Mixed Gender Groups policy applies
  • VIP & Q-Jump Guests Arrival required by 10.45pm.
  • Management Reserve Rights of Admission. MRRA.

VIP Booking conditions

Do NOT make payment unless..

1. You have emailed us with your VIP Group size, AND

2. We email you with Table Confirmation & deposit request.

£40 Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.
Enter TWO Names on right. Click “Buy Now” Pre-payment will be offset against TWO specified VIP names. You can enter ALL VIP Names here, separated by comma/full stop.

Minimum Bar spend depends on Group size. Up to…
x2 guests = £50, x5 guests = £100
x10 guests = £200, x15 guests = £300, x20 guests = £400

All Entry Conditions apply to VIP Guests too. VIP & Q-Jump entry 9.30pm – 10.45pm only. VIP Tables will not be held after 10.45pm and result in automatic cancellation.

VIP Deposit

Male VIP names
Female VIP names