Advance Ticket £15 (T&C’s Apply)

T&C’s include Arrival by 11pm, No Re-Entry, No Refunds. Smart/Theme dress code.

VIP Entry £20pp – Advance Booking by email only

Includes Q-Jump, VIP table, bottles table service +Minimum Bar Spend. £40 non-refundable deposit required. Email us with group size for suitable VIP table.


*Aug 31st * Summer Surprise Central London Location.. * will be revealed one week prior *  😉 

T&C’s / Entry Conditions Apply to Everyone.

  • Valid Photo ID required for EVERYONE (Passport / Driving Licence). Photocopies / Scans NOT Accepted
  • Dress Code: Smart, Sparkling & 🙂 Collars & Formal Shoes OR get in the Theme to Win – a Bottle of Bubbly on the Night 🙂
  • Over 23’s. Mixed Gender Groups.
  • VIP & Q-Jump Guests Arrival required by 10.45pm. No Re-Entry Applies
  • Management Reserve Rights of Admission at ALL Times. MRRA.

Arabian Bollywood Party – Advance Standard Tkt £15.

Advance Ticket  £15

(subject to T&C’s)


Ensure you meet all the entry conditions BEFORE you Buy.

Advance Tickets do NOT Guarantee Entry (T&C’s apply)

Entry by 11pm on all Advance Tickets Required.

All Advance Tickets are NON-Refundable & NON-Transferable.


Buy Advance Ticket here

VIP Booking

VIP Booking

Do NOT make payment until you have our confirmation email. £40 Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Enter TWO Names to offset your £40 (non-refundable) deposit on right. Click “Buy Now” You can enter ALL VIP Names here, separated by comma/full stop.

Minimum Bar spend dependent on Table / Group size. Up to…
x2 guests = £50, x5 guests = £100
x10 guests = £200, x15 guests = £300, x20 guests = £400

VIP & Q-Jump entry 9.30pm – 10.45pm only. VIP Tables will not be held after 10.45pm and result in automatic cancellation.

VIP includes Q-Jump, VIP table, bottle table service +Minimum Bar Spend.

VIP Booking in advance by email only.
Entry Conditions Apply to ALL Guests.

1. Ensure you meet all the entry conditions & min bar spend (below).

2. Email us with your VIP Party size (total no. of guests expected)

3. £40 Deposit (Non-Refundable) will be required to secure your table AFTER we confirm availability. TWO VIP Guests will be offset from the deposit. Additional VIP Guests pay £20 cash only on arrival.

4. ALL Guest Names will be required in full, insert here or email us.

VIP Deposit

Male VIP names
Female VIP names

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