Murder 3 the Movie

How well do you know the person you love?

This is theme of this bollywood thriller Murder 3.

Released just after Valentines Day just when everyone is all loved up. This movie gets you wondering.. and possibly looking at your partner in a whole new way! Murder 3 is worth going to the movies for that edge of your seat chills and twists as it works up toward it’s climax.

The first half was slow and as a viewer you’re not too sure where the movie is going. You might be left wondering if you should go out and get that bag of popcorn or ice-cream after all. However the second half works you up and delivers the chills and suspense. It certainly had our Kuch Cinema Club goers gripped on the edge of their seats.. or nerves!

If you fancy a night of being entertained by murder mystery then this 3rd helping is the way to go. Continue reading

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Love is..

Love is.. a feeling or a practicality?

Bollywood movies are sprinkled with lashings of love. We’ve grown up with plots where the misunderstood hero finally wins over various trials; sometimes with the odd loss or casualty along the way. The bigger the hurdles, the greater the prize, the ultimate being the blessings of a prospective father in law, with bride in tow of course. Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution

For most collapse after nine days!

Only 1 in 4 of us is confident of being able to stick to their new year resolution, 88% of us will not manage it and break them only nine days into the year! So why bother?Well to resolve to do something differently, or give up something is something that feels natural at the beginning of a new dawn. Historically most cultures have embraced a new year; from Romans making promises to the god Janus for whom January is named, to the knights of the realm who renewed their vows after Christmas. Others, including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity encourage reflection of the year gone by, forgiveness, fasting, and self-improvement.

So what is the key to endurance and success for your New Year resolution?

We would state the obvious, be happy, dance more often, and laugh some more! This is about your physical and mental well-being, which actually tops the New Year resolutions list for 2012.

Another top tip for success is to be specific with your goal; I will make it to the gym once a week is better than saying I will go the gym more often. Set small, measurable goals. Go one step further and share your challenge, and benefits with your friends and peers. This will make the world of difference, and surely help you go beyond the nine days when statistically you are likely to give up!

Finally, make it to the end of the month, and there’s bound to be a benefit to support your resolution dancing, laughing, and getting out to Kuch Kuch!

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Jab tak hai jaan

Jab tak hai jaan .. (Whilst there is life)

This Bollywood love story presents a modern-day dilemma.

Reaching No 8 in the US Box Office Top Ten on release is a huge success considering the number of screenings it had in comparison to major Hollywood movies. Has the American psyche suddenly embraced Yash Chopra’s recipe for love? Or is the king of romance now acknowledged because this was his last movie? After all many become more famous after they have died. Continue reading

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Bollywood Christmas Party!

Is a Bollywood Christmas possible?

Kuch Kuch adds Bollywood glitz to Christmas.

Well why not, if a blue Christmas, and a white Christmas is possible, then a Bollywood  Christmas with Kuch is sure to be a Cracker! Granted that the origins of a tree in a house is German, and scoffing mince pies is technically against the law on Christmas day, really.. ooohhh yes it is! Despite the debate about its evolution to a commercial holiday, there is an aspect about it that draws people together. Some too close maybe at the annual Christmas office party, but hey ho, when the days are so dark, we have to find some sparkle and merriment.

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